Apr 22, 2010

Short Hair Style Tips

The bob model I use for almost seven years has become a part of me because of its easy maintenance and effortlessly stylish look. Some of my friends who have short hair like me requested a post about styling tips for short hair and I'm here to share my ideas with you. You would think that since it is short the options are little but this modern hair of yours will look stunning if you only show the slightest effort.

* Straight Hair: Whether you have straight hair or curly hair you can have pin straight hair in an instant. After you washed your hair, apply a straightening serum or spray. Then use a large round brush or a large rectangular brush to straighten as best as you can. Next, grab your ceramic hair straightener and pass it through the hair which you parted into small sections beforehand. You don't want the heat to damage your hair girls, so use the straightener as quick as possible. You can use this chic model both day and night, it is so convenient.

* Natural Waves: You can create soft waves with a wide barrel curling iron. Afterwards, lightly mess your waves with the help of your fingers to have a natural tousled look.

* Headbands: Headbands come in various kinds and colors. They are functional, keep your hair in place and out of your face. No matter you are on a bad or a good hair day they are your hair's reliable friends. Now you thought about it you are grateful to them, right? OK, maybe I went a little bit far. Anyway, back to my point headbands are wise and easy choices and we all should benefit from them. You could either slide it just above the hairline or farther back. Place one or a couple of them just to make your own fashion statement.

*Barettes: After you style your short hair, just part it on the side and place your cute barette. Let some small part of your hair show on the front. Now, barettes are also another rescuer of our hair. They keep the hair out of the face or hide it if you are on a bad hair day. Plus, it draws attention to your lovely face.

As a bonus, I share the bandos, headbands, flower clips and other kinds of clips above. I chose all of them just for you from Accessorize website. I guess what I want to achieve by showing them is to make you feel more enthusiastic to apply the tips I suggested above. Have a colorful day!

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