Mar 16, 2008

The Story

Welcome to Eight Twenty Five!

We are two sisters, actually twin sisters who enjoy designing cheerful accessories and like to live our lives in tune with the rhythms of bossa nova and 80's music. ETF is our blog where we share our fascination with anything that makes our hearts go oh-la-la! In case you are wondering, the name comes from our birthday which is 25th of August.

Here is some information that describes each of us in a nutshell:

Sezen: Loves polka dots, likes baking cupcakes and pancakes, experimenting with her camera, and she is also our savior with her skills at solving problems about anything tech, oh and don't forget her love of chocolate!

Nihan: Loves dancing with funny moves when there is no one around, likes sprinkling coffee grains on anything sweet... See, she loves coffee so much she not only drinks it but also eats it... Yeah... She also likes cooking whenever she feels like it and of course chocolate! She has some sort of silly-weird way of describing things in her own way but she is not planning on making a fool of herself and explain this any further.

We hope you enjoy our daily ramblings, cute designs and wish to visit us frequently!

Much Love,
Sezen & Nihan
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