Apr 11, 2010

Eye Catching Hair

We all know that long hair requires more attention than short hair. While neglicence can easily make you look unkempt, styling it can make you look glamorous. No doubt, we are all grateful for all the hair styling devices out there helping us look presentable however using them every day can cause serious damage to your hair. So, what else can we do to style our hair if we don't feel like wearing it up?

Good old hair rollers come to our aid in such days. Hair rollers create a much more natural look as opposed to the curls made with curling iron, plus, using rollers prevents hair from heat damage. You can find various kinds of hair rollers in beauty stores at affordable prices. I prefer using Velcro ones because of their functionality on holding hair and the different sizes one can choose from depending on the size of the wave you want. Now let's get to the fun part:

* Start with drying your hair if it's wet. Then you can use some volumizing spray or mousse for lasting effect.

* Separate your hair into sections. The width of the sectioned hair should be less than the width of the hair roller. Now, pull one section of hair up and smooth it with a comb. After attaching the ends to the roller, roll it tightly inwards until you reach the roots. Here's a useful tip: Work with thin sections if you want to create volume and have lasting waves. Secure the rolls with pins to prevent them from getting loose.

* Once you have finished rolling your hair, blow dry it for about 5 minutes on medium heat. Now you can go on reading your novel while waiting for the rollers to cool down.

* When you can't wait any longer to see those fabulous waves then it's time to get to the business. Because we value being fair and we want to treat everything on equal terms, try to follow the rolling order when you are unrolling your hair. To avoid hair tangling, pay attention to unroll them the way you rolled them rather than trying to pull the rollers out viciously.

* Style your waves with the help of a wide tooth comb. Since combing lessens the effect of the waves, be careful not to overdo it. Now that you achieved the final look, just spray and fix it. Ta da! You have gorgeous hair with natural waves.

Your hair may get frizzy after you take out the rollers, just smooth those little rascals down with an anti-frizz hair product or simply apply a dab of moisturizer. As a final touch you can spray some hair shine for that healthy shimmery look.

- photo: justjared -

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