Mar 19, 2010

She Came Bearing Gifts

Last week, one of our best buddies Fatos came all the way from Pittsburgh to her homeland. Because it has been ages since we last saw each other, I can't even describe the extent of our elation, we missed her big time. We talked and talked and talked... we didn't want to leave each other's side even for a second for fear that we would waste our precious little time together.

She likes surprising us with adorable presents and this time wasn't an exception. Even her hectic schedule of attending seminars and preparing presentations didn't constitute enough of an obstacle to her. It is also touching to see how she cared for the little details about us while buying these special things, like my fondness for butterflies.

And me and my sister's shared interest of beauty products, especially when they smell like heaven. The packaging is so dazzling I want to eat it :)

And these headbands are something that I was desperately in need of but it never occured to me to get a proper one myself. I was just putting on whatever hair accessories I can get my hands on which weren't as stylish and cute as these ones. Let's just say all is well with the world now that we resolved this little problem.

Fatos you will be missed a lot as usual, please come back again like next week or so :)
Hugs & Kisses

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