Mar 27, 2010

Flirty Wink Earrings

Last week, I mentioned you about a project of a friend that I was helping with. Finally my friend, Sezen and I have joined our forces together and successfully managed to put an end to this misery, blood, sweat and tears*. After accomplishing that, I have returned to my blog, cape blowing in the wind and in all my glory!

These fancy little earrings you see above will cause a stir when you show up at a friend gathering, they will be your extra charm to fascinate that dreamy guy you have eyes on a vacation getaway.

*Late in the night when Sezen and I were hungry but still working like crazy in the dim office, our friend was away working at a nearby building for a couple of hours. Then the phone rang, slicing the silence and darkness of the night like a knife, and all I heard was a whispery voice that said "I see hungry people"...

That and our
experimental photo shoot of weirdo motions in the flickering light of a fluorescent lamp which resulted in a ghostly effect. Gosh, didn't we have so much fun...

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