Jun 12, 2008

My Dear Blog, Please Don't Give Up On Me...

Blogging is a serious thing, period. It may seem like I forgot I had a blog at some point in my life but even I don't know how I have managed to be away for two months. Leaving all excuses aside, I'm here to compensate!

First of all, me and my sister were busy making arrangements with our cute little boutique 8 / 25. We are happily sharing with you all, our first production of handmade clothes, yay! We thought it's just the right time to get started on what we had in mind initially. As long as we keep creating and making our own things that's what gives us pleasure, I'm hoping for the best.

Besides all these, I have a strange feeling that something is going to happen soon but I don't know what and the condition of this situation. So watch out for me if I don't come back for a long time, ok? I'm just saying :)


Gozde Otman said...

kızlar ınanılmazsınız!!!
ellerınıze saglık dıyor;
basarılarınızın, yaratıcılıgınızın devamını diliyorum:)

ETF said...

beğendiğine çok sevindik! blogu kendi kendime yazıp okuduğumu düşünürken yorumunu görünce ayrı bir sevindim. dur bakalım daha neler olacak :)

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